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Young Writers' Hub is more than just a platform. It's where the line between fiction and reality fades out as your path begins to show. 

We are a community of writers helping minds alike throughout their journey towards getting their books on the bestseller shelves.

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Our raison d'être is reaching all writers across Romania, regardless of their possibilities, offering them the necessary training and experience to write and publish their books.

Half of our membership sales are invested in introducing our programs to teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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 What's in it for you?

We offer workbooks, writing prompts, editing services, and mentorship programs to inspire and empower writers at every level. You can learn new techniques, develop your writing style, and receive feedback on your work through our resources. Join us and explore the endless possibilities of writing!

For whom?

Young Writers' Hub welcomes writers of all ages. Our community provides a supportive environment for writers to hone their craft, connect with others, and access resources. Whether you're a novice or an experienced writer, our programs are designed to meet your needs and help you grow as a writer.

why is it called Young Writers' Hub?

When crafting a compelling story, writing challenges us to think creatively, express ourselves clearly, and engage with the world. Writing can improve our cognitive abilities and keep our brains sharp and agile as we age. This is why the name "Young Writers' Hub" is so fitting, as it speaks to the idea that writing can help us stay youthful and vibrant, no matter our age.


Young Writers' Hub provides a supportive community for writers of all ages to hone their craft, connect with others, and access resources. Whether you're a novice or an experienced writer, we have something for you.

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Stories create and recreate the world since they were first told by humans. Knowing what makes a good story that feeds the imagination and takes an idea forward is a skill that needs to be trained. All the more so now, when society seems to have forgotten how influential the stories we tell ourselves are.



Young Writers' Hub's initiative is helping to develop this skill and create a community of young writers who can use their critical thinking, imaginative spirit and the power of telling a good story.


Alice teodorescu Published writer